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Are you ready to wipe the slate clean?

At Freeland Car Credit, we make it our mission to provide our customers with reliable and stylish cars, regardless of their credit history! Since everyone experiences a financial bump in the road over the course of their life, we believe everyone deserves a second chance to make things right! We love helping people secure a premium used car, as well as a financing plan that actually works for them!

Even though credit issues are more common than many people think, getting approved to purchase a new or used vehicle can prove difficult if you’re dealing with anything less than stellar credit.

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At Freeland Car Credit, we believe that since credit challenges are so common, they should not impact your car-buying experience.

Bad credit can happen to anyone! Divorce, bankruptcy, loan default, foreclosure, and high credit card balances can all play a part in lowering someone’s credit score. Even people who have never or only recently established credit tend to notice a lower credit rating no matter what their income, debt level, or financial history reflect.

If you have found yourself suffering from a lower credit score, know that millions of people across the United States are in the same boat with you. Freeland Chevrolet has extensive experience in helping people overcome poor credit, and will work hard to find you a solution. You are not alone, and you deserve a vehicle that works for you!

Just because you are experiencing challenges does not mean the car of your dreams is out of your reach. Our employees have decades of experience, and we know where to look.

At Freeland Car Credit, we will make sure your purchasing and financing process is both personalized and informative. Since everyone’s needs are different, we will work hard until your down payment and loan offers meet your budget, tailoring everything to fit your needs. Using your financial information, we will work with our lending partners in order to find you an auto loan offer that actually works for you!

How do we accomplish this, you ask? We have worked hard to build strong, trusting relationships with our lending partners, third-party lending institutions, and manufacturer-backed options. We use those relationships to your advantage, exploring all of the options, ideas, and strategies for overcoming your unique credit challenges. Our financial specialists are experts and know exactly where to look when dealing with even the most extreme credit problems.

Still have questions? We understand that the auto lending process can seem very complicated, so we’re here to answer all of your questions and concerns. When you visit us at Freeland Chevrolet, our team will walk you through the entire process and make sure you feel comfortable at every step of the way.

At Freeland Car Credit, you’ll get approved!

We totally get it. Purchasing a vehicle can seem extremely confusing, and poor credit can make everything that much worse. When you choose Freeland, you’re choosing to have an expert in your corner throughout the entire process! It is our goal to help every single customer that enters our doors, no matter what their credit score looks like. We will help you secure loans with the best available interest rates and under the best terms.